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Cargo Short 2019

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Hello and welcome to the bib shorts that will change your life!

We started taking our jerseys off in the summer on hot days and found that all the snacks, phones, tools and wallets had nowhere to go. Walton cut up an old leg warmer one day and stitched a pocket to his bib shorts, and immediately they became his go-to bibs. Heading out on a ride wearing only a base layer or just a loose t-shirt was so freeing, that we began to develop a product with Endo Customs in LA based on Walton's customized racing bib shorts.

The Cargo Short was born out of several drawings, prototypes and tests and we feel there is nothing else like it. Based on the flagship Mister Bib Short from Endo, we altered the pattern to accommodate two large pockets on the rear, at the same location your jersey pockets would fall. They are large enough to fit all the normal essentials you would bring in your jersey pockets.

We quickly found that not only were these shorts useful for hot days, but layering with baggie shorts on mountain bike rides or using them under our flannel and raincoat on our commute to work increased the options of any ride and expanded our cycling wardrobe. Furthermore, the leg panels are absent of logos or patterns, so sponsor-sensitive riders can wear these shorts with their team kit, and not face reprimand!

Collage made by Walton and Evan in winter 2019

Made in USA

Leg panels are all dyed, back pocket and strap details are sublimated, pocket measures approximately 7" x 11" when empty.

Size guidelines: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0092/8052/files/MENS_SIZE_CHART.jpg?7604

(Erica is 5' 7" and 135lbs)